Don't Look Down Two Color

A VR Climbing Game Like No Other

As the first VR climbing game with classic platforming elements, Don’t Look Down transcends the immersive joy of climbing in VR. Players can grab and smash robots, utilize armor and projectile power-ups, and discover bonus rooms with unique timed challenges. You can climb deliberately or fling yourself rapidly through levels.

The robot you created has betrayed you and taken over your fortress at the summit of a mountain. In order to stop his evil plan, you need to overcome the traps and enemies that he has placed in your path. Can you make it to the top and save the world?

Don’t Look Down is currently playable on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We plan to eventually release the game on PSVR. Our free alpha release on Itch.io has already made it to the top 5 most popular VR games on the site. We aim to use this traction to enable an awesome early access release on Steam before the end of the year.



Redefining the Cutting Edge of VR

With a small team that is focused on developing the most immersive, accessible, and fun virtual reality content imaginable, Catapult Games is poised for success.

In the last year since the studio was founded, Catapult Games has already:


The Team

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